nurture campaigns set your business apart

5 Ways Creative Nurture Campaigns Set Your Business Apart

What the heck is a nurture campaign? Why in the world is it important? What is that banana doing to that carrot? My blog post, the first for The Farm (sorry, Jessica) answers all of these questions that are on your mind.

If you combine the Google definitions of nurture and campaign you get the following: “The process of encouraging the development of someone in an active way toward a particular goal.” Essentially, a nurture campaign is the act of encouraging prospects or clients to take a desired action that benefits your business. How you get prospects or clients to convert is the tricky part. Do you use direct mail? Email? Phone? In-person meetings?

I won’t dive into which channels are most effective, as it depends on your audience. However, I will tell you about the benefits of running a creative nurture campaign for your company.


Let’s begin:

Builds a Relationship

Establishing a bond is crucial to all of your personal relationships, so why should that be any different in your professional life? Securing your relationship is going to make you stand out in a person’s mind, whether that person is an existing client or a potential one. Building a relationship is your first step to becoming a professional friend.

Turns Your Warm/Hot Leads into Clients

Clearly, your product or service is not going to sell itself. What’s even more important than landing a sale is showing your prospect what your service can do for them. Remember, it’s not about you, it’s about your prospect. You’ve already established your relationship, now it’s time to turn up the heat!

Keeps Your Existing Clients Happy

Just like a burning flame, you have to kindle your relationship with your client. Obviously your business strategy doesn’t just involve bringing in new clients, but includes making your existing ones your most important priority. Remember, it’s easier to keep a client than to add a new one. Centering your business around their business makes them happy. After all, keeping your clients happy keeps them coming back.

Kills Your Competition

It’s not enough to know your competition, you must beat them! It’s time to steal their clients through nurture campaigns. Your unique process of caring for and encouraging your business is what will set you apart from your competitors. Their clients want to feel cherished and special, so they need to be “hugged” by you. You may not always be able to slash your prices, but you can ensure a top-notch experience of doing business.

Makes You Personal

As humans, we are naturally social creatures, and we crave positive interactions. How many times have you called a business and felt disgruntled when you were greeted by an automated machine? The same concept applies to your sales process. Your nurture campaign adds personality to your sales strategy and confirms that you are in fact a human being; not a robot.


Is it right for you?

While nurture campaigns bring value to many businesses, they are not beneficial for everyone. Do you have a small one-time sale? Or a very low life time value of your customer? Do you have a high close rate and a quick sales cycle? If you’re answering yes to those questions, then paying the costs to manage a campaign that nurtures your prospects and clients is not going to provide value to your business.

Wanting to find out if it’s right for you? Give us a call and we’ll tell you.

Wanting to know what the banana is doing to the carrot? I wish I could help you. Some questions just can’t be answered.


  • Kevin