why most companies fail at outbound lead generation

Why Most Companies Fail at Outbound Lead Generation

Many salespeople start out without a system. Without a system to take a prospect to a customer. It truly doesn’t matter if you are selling a product or a service, it is important to have a process to take a customer from a stranger to a business partner. I could go into depth about the process of sales, and what steps are the most important, but that really isn’t relevant to why salespeople fail. The truth is that failure in the sales world can be summed up in one word, persistence.

Most career sales people give up too soon, they have one meeting with a customer and move on to a different project or prospect. They get tied up in the busy day to day operations of running their business, and just plain don’t follow up. This especially happens in a transactional based sales world, with sales people taking orders and forgetting about that one person they had a phone call with last week. Some salespeople live in a world where they think that a prospect will come to them and ask for things, reactive sales are the easy kind. What sets great sales people apart from others is that great salespeople are always being proactive.

Not having a proper protocol for how and when to make follow ups is the key problem. It can be as simple as setting a calendar reminder or having the email composed and finding a tool that will schedule out an email to be sent. A successful salesperson will set up a system for following up. If you don’t have a reminder set to reach out to a specific person, you will most likely forget. In today’s busy world with constant distractions at home and at work, it is hard to remember the details that make a difference in the long run. It is important to keep in mind that the content of each follow up matters, the time you allow in between contacts with the prospect makes a difference, you don’t want to be pushy yet you don’t want qualified prospects slipping through the cracks and falling out of your pipeline.

Benjamin Franklin once said “Energy and Persistence conquer all things.” I think this is a very universal quote you can apply to many parts of your life. If you are in sales, it is so important to be persistent. Call it endurance, perseverance, tenacity; no matter what you are selling, it is important to follow up. I came across this image that prompted me to write this blog.

sales stats

At The Farm Lead Gen, we pride ourselves on our ability to follow up. We use tools to remind us to return emails, phone calls, etc. We want our clients to be able to use all of the information we gather from prospects. We don’t want anyone to drop the ball on a prospect, and we keep our clients’ salespeople accountable for the leads we generate. It is important to us to see our clients’ success yesterday, today and tomorrow.

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